International Flavor NBA Podcast – Episode 1

Check out the International flavor (NBA) podcast. It’s great to have you here!

In this episode we have Australian Media Representative, Roscoe Whalen (@RoscoeWhalan7), French Representative Arnaud Gelb (@ArnaudGelb), and Japanese Representative Mike Steenstra (@mikeosteenstra) sit down and give podcasting a shot.

We talk about a lot in this introductory podcast. We give a brief introduction to how we became International Media Reps at the NBA, how we all started hanging out, and then we just talk basketball.

We talked about our MVP and other awardee pics, Rudy Gobert (#GobGob vs. #StifleTower), Jeremy Lin, and a number of other topics in the free flowing, almost completely unedited, International Flavor Podcast. Enjoy!

P.S. Another regulator contributor will be Gerar Lopez who writes for TAB Desportes as a Puerto Rican Representative.

The Daily NBA Donut – 3/11

Sorry to my one reader (Matt Milkamp) that I missed the donut yesterday.

Pacers 118 – Magic 86

Recap: Rodney Stuckey is making a late run at the 6th man of the year award and had 34, 7 assists, and 6 rebounds off of the bench for the Pacers’ 6th win in a row. Great balance from the Pacers beyond that as almost every active player on their roster scored a bucket. Oladipo had an off night for the Magic and that’s all anybody really wants to hear about on the Magic.

Importance: The bottom of the East always makes a run towards respectability in the last few weeks as teams desperately hang on for a playoff spot. The Pacers have the best grip on one of those last two spots with their 6th straight win and 9 wins in their last 10 games. They are a half game up on Charlotte for the 8th spot and a full game up on Miami for the 9th spot so anything could happen. The Magic have already won too many games for a good crack at a high lottery pick but another loss never hurts at this point in the season.

Pondering: Who would have thought that Aaron Gordon would be a below average rookie? I would say that he has been one of the most quietly disappointing rookies this year. But, it is probably too early judge since he has only played in 30 games due to a foot surgery he had in November.  Maybe I’m too hard on him? I used to watch Stuckey play when I lived in Michigan and loved him in his early days. It’s nice to see that he may have some longevity as a bench scorer!

Pelicans 111 – Nets 91

Recap: Anthony Davis had an off night with only 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists but the Pelicans were still able to beat the lackluster Nets behind double digit scoring efforts from all 5 starters (Asik, Norris Cole, Eric Gordon, Quincy Pondexter). The Nets were terrible and balanced as no one stood out in the loss. Deron Williams had 10 points and 4 assists and his Championship window is closing. Poor guy.

Importance: The Pelicans are TIED with OKC for the 8th spot in the West. How is that possible with the way OKC has been playing? Leaving either of these 2 teams out is horrible. But it is what it is. The Pelicans have 17 games left to play, none of which are against OKC. Is it too early to hope for a 1 game playoff between OKC and NOLA for the 8th spot? The Nets keep sliding like the Jonas brother’s fame and are now 3 games out of the 8th spot in the East.

Pondering: I have to poop. Be right back. So much better…where was I? Oh yeah, the Nets! I hate them!

Cavaliers 127 – Mavericks 94

Recap: The Cavs came into Dallas and whooped up on the Mavs. Lebron was predictably amazing with 27, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds. (Phil Robinson voice) K-Love had 21 and 14 rebounds and Kyrie and JR had 22 and 21. It is happening. Amare scored 15 points for the Mavs and that’s probably a good indication that they lost.

Importance: Cleveland is now a game and a half up on Chicago and that gap is only getting larger with Jimmy Butler and Derrick out.  They also gained a game on Toronto and are 2 games up on them for the 4th spot. It is looking like the Cavs will have home court advantage until the Eastern Conference Finals against Atlanta.

Pondering: Is there such a thing as home court advantage in Cleveland? If you are in Cleveland longer then everybody loses. I say it in every donut but the Mavs are the weaklings of the West. They need to keep losing so that OKC and NOLA can both make it in. The problem is that they are 4 games up on both of them.

Raptors 107 – Spurs 117

Recap: The Spurs won their 6th straight and the Raptors lost their 4th straight. Tony Parker looks like Tony Parker again and put up 23 and 9 assists. Kawhi Leonard also continues a nice stretch with 24 and 11 rebounds. Kyle Lowry looked like an All Star again with 32 points in the loss but the Raptors are starting slip after a nice season.

Importance: The Spurs passed the Mavs and moved into 6th in the West. They are only a half game back of the Clippers for 5th and 2 back of Portland for 4th. They are starting to look like the playoff Spurs and that ain’t good for anybody in the West. The Raptors slipped below the Bulls into 4th place in the East. They are 1 – 9 in their last 10 games and suddenly look like a very beatable team in the East. They even lost to the Knicks in that stretch!

Pondering: Would the 4th seed in the East even make the playoffs if they played in the West? It’s a legitimate question. During their forgettable 10 game stretch, the Raptors have losses against NOLA, Dallas, Golden State, OKC, and San Antonio. All of those teams are on the doorstep of the West playoffs and all of them look like much better teams. The balance of power has been out of whack for a long time. Hopefully the Raptors pick it up again soon because the East needs someone to knock Lebron out and 2 punches (ATL and Raps) would be better than one.

Knicks 82 – Jazz 87

Recap: Derrick Favors had a huge 29 and 12 rebounds for the Jazz, who won despite Gordon Hayward sitting on the bench with a back strain. He did play against a D-League team that was led by Alexey Shved with 21, 10 rebounds, and 7 assists. Cole “Snaggletooth” Aldrich also had 17 points and 13 rebounds but who cares…someone has to accumulate some sort of stat.

Importance: Another win for the Jazz is a confidence booster for the team but does little for their playoff chances. As for the Knicks, keep losing like the bunch of losers you are so that you can get an actual NBA player on that team.

Pondering: I have been a fan since I was a small child and haven’t seen a legitimate team on the floor (sans one Melo year) since the 90’s. The franchise doesn’t deserve to be profitable and it’s sickening that it is. I guarantee you that the kids in that area aren’t becoming lifelong fans though because of how much they fricken’ stink. The Jazz though…looking good for next year. One more strong team for the West!

Pistons 85 – Lakers 93

Recap: In the biggest battle amongst terrible teams, the Lakers took it to Mo-town behind Jeremy Lin’s 12, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. I won’t talk about anyone else on the Lakers until Randle is back next year. Meanwhile, Reggie Jackson’s twitter prayer is looking more and more unfulfilled as he is free falling back into mediocrity with 2 points, 3 assists, and 2 rebounds.

Importance: This game held the importance of a child’s piano recital. No one cares but people still have to go.

Pondering: The NBA has to try to make cold weather cities more attractive to free agents. If you had a choice, you just wouldn’t choose one unless you were from that area. Even so, I’m from Jersey and if I had a choice between the Knicks and the Suns, I’d choose warmth any day of the week. More money is the only thing I can think of. Any ideas, Milkamp?

The Daily NBA Donut 3 – 9

Bulls 105 – Spurs 116

Recap: The Spurs jumped out to a 16 point lead and controlled the game after that. Tony Parker looked like the old TP, going for 32 points. Kawhi also had a nice game with 20 points and 8 rebounds. Pau led the way for the Bulls in the loss with 23 points and 15 rebounds but the Spurs are really starting to look like a top-tier team once again with their 5th straight win.

Importance: The Bulls moved a half game back of the Cavs in the Central division and fell to the #3 seed overall in the East. The Spurs gained a game on the Clippers but remain a ½ game back of Dallas and the Clippers for the 5th seed. They currently sit 4 ½ games ahead of 8th place in the 7th seed.

Pondering: The coffee hasn’t hit yet. I have to pee. I’m crabby that it’s Monday. But here goes, the Spurs are probably going to win the West again and we’re all going to have to suffer through a Spurs vs. Lebron Finals again. Anything but that, please. I am in a foul mood today.

Clippers 98 – Warriors 106

Recap: A balanced attack for the team with the best record in the West. Draymond Green led with 23 points, 6 assists, and 3 rebounds and a very salty look at Dahntay Jones who bumped him in the post-game interview. Baby boy Austin Rivers had 22 points on 8-14 shooting to lead the way in that statistical category for the Clippers. CP3 had 14 points and 11 assists but the Clip show slipped to their 2nd straight loss.

Importance: The Clips are only a ½ game back from the 7th seed after their 2nd straight loss. They are still 6 games up from 9 so there really isn’t much to worry about there. The Warriors gained a half game on Memphis with the win too.

Pondering: The coffee is starting to hit the veins. I’M ALIVE!  I’m sure you’ve all seen the Steph Curry wiggle through 3 defenders, go backwards, and hit a 3 point fade-away by now. High school coaches would have had a conniption if a player on their team did that. Especially when half the team was wide open. But I’m a huge Steph fan so I don’t care what he does (shoot away baby boy!). I am also not a fan of baby boy Rivers. My dad used to coach me growing up so I know that it’s awesome for him but that was Midland Park rec basketball, not the NBA. It’s such an awkward situation going on in LA.

Jazz 95 – Nets 88

Recap: Derrick Favors had a solid game against the team that traded him away. He had 22 and 8 and Gordon Hayward added 24 in the win. B-Lo, had what I am assuming is a career-high, 10 rebounds to go with his 19 points in a Nets loss.

Importance: Brooklyn is sliding down the Eastern Conference standings like the pickles on the window in Billy Madison.  Their 3rd loss puts them 2 ½ games out of 8th. Utah is basically out already; as they sit 8 ½ back of the Thunder for 8th in the West.

Pondering: Something is brewing in Utah. This young team is 9 – 3 in their last 12 and are starting to show some consistency. Rudy Gobert (#GobGob) is getting double digit rebounds almost every game and Gordon Hayward might be the best white player in the game (<- not hard). If Salt Lake City could switch to the East coast, then this team would be in great shape for next year. I have no basis for saying this because I don’t watch them much but I don’t think Dante Exum was worthy of the 5th pick. Can anybody from Utah argue that?

Hornets 108 – Pistons 101

Recap: Big Al is so consistent. He went for 24 points and 8 rebounds in the win. Mo fricken’ Williams is starting to consistently put up around 20 and 10 assists (had 21 points and 9 assists last night) and is going to make it hard to make him sit when Kemba comes back. Detroit was led by Reggie Jackson, who had 25 points and 7 assists.

Importance: The Hornets are in the 7th spot in the East right now after their 5th straight win. Catching Milwaukee for 6th looks like a possibility, even though the Bucks have a 3 ½ game lead on them. Detroit still has an outside chance at 5 games out but they have now lost 6 straight games in a row.

Pondering: Detroit has nothing going for them…neither does their team. Every new project in that city seems to fail. The Charlie Villanueva-Ben Gordon thing was a bomb and the Josh Smith – B-Jennings thing was another failed experiment. I wonder where they’d be if B-Jenn didn’t go down with the Achilles injury though. The world will never know.

Celtics 98 – Magic 103

Recap: Dewayne Dedmon (who?) had a double-double for the Magic with 11 points and 16 rebounds and Oladipo had 22 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. Isaiah Thomas had 21 and 9 assists in 30 minutes and no-pass Brandon Bass had 19 points and 17 rebounds in the loss.

Importance: Boston dropped a game of Charlotte for 7th to fall back 3 games and a half game on Indiana for 8th with this loss. Orlando just gave themselves less ping pong balls.

Pondering: How are the Celtics in playoff contention? The East is so pathetic. They are 11 games under .500 and 2 ½ back of a playoff spot. Honestly, I always try to stick up for the Conference but it’s getting harder and harder to do.

Raptors 104 – Thunder 108

Recap: Russell Westbrook with ANOTHER triple-double. He had 30 points, 17 assists, and 11 rebounds. He is playing out of his mind right now and completely carrying the Thunder without Durant. Lowry came back for the Raps but his 14 points and 5 assists weren’t enough to carry the team.

Importance: Toronto failed to capitalize on the Bulls loss and remain in 4th place in the East. They are a full game back of Cleveland for 2nd and a ½ game back of Chicago for 3rd. They’ve also lost 3 straight. OKC gained a ½ game on the Pelicans and are hanging onto that 8th seed in the West by 1 game.

Pondering: If Russ doesn’t make the playoffs and the Paul George-less Pacers do then it is time to stop the insanity that is the 7th and 8th seeds in the East. That can’t happen. But it might.

Mavericks 100 – Lakers 93

Recap: Monta had 31 points and Rondo had 9 assists. Jeremy Lin fell back to earth with 7 points and 5 assists and none of the other Lakers are worth talking about because they are all so terrible.

Importance: Dallas gained a game on the Clippers and are tied in 5th and remained a ½ game up on the Spurs. The Lakers improved their draft chances.

Pondering: I have been hating on the Mavs but a Rondo-Ellis back court could be the perfect combination of spicy-sweet, like the purple doritos that are the best out there. Perhaps the Big D isn’t the weakling I have made them out to be. Not my best donut today, it was like a day old chocolate frosting. Not like anybody made it this far anyway…

The Daily NBA Donut – 3/6

Thunder 105  – Bulls 108

Recap: E’Twaun Moore was the unlikely hero and hit a 3 with 2 seconds left to give the Bulls the win. Westbrook failed to get his 5th straight triple-double, but did score 43 points with 8 rebounds and 7 assists. Despite another herculean effort, the Thunder were outscored 39-29 in the 4th quarter and dropped the second night of their back-to-back. Pau had a solid double-double with 21 and 12 rebounds, and Mirotic scored 26 with 8 rebounds for the Bulls.

Importance: The Bulls picked up a ½ game lead on the Cavs for first place in the Central and ½ game on the Raptors for 2nd overall in the East. The Thunder loss leaves them a ½ game above the Pelicans for the 8th seed in the West.

Pondering: I was able to watch this one for a while (not the end though) and quickly realized that Mirotic is not afraid to shoot the ball. He took nine threes and was only successful on two of those tries. He is shooting 33.5% on the year so I’m not so sure that warrants nine three attempts. Open looks? Yes. But shooting in someone’s mouth? GTFOOH. He has had a stretch of 29, 23, and 26 points the last few games so he’d make a solid daily fantasy player play.

I heard someone postulating on the radio that if the Bulls don’t win a championship, then Thibs is out of Chicago. This game is just another example of the fact that this man can win with any NBA line-up. I think any team would be happy to have him so feel free to get rid of him, Chicago. The only thing I don’t understand about Thibs is his obsession with Hinrich. Anybody care to explain?

Enes Kanter isn’t looking like the Center OKC needs to compete in the west all of the sudden. He didn’t do much at all with his 30 minutes.

Speaking of a disappearing act…come on Dougy McBuckets! Grows some balls and take some shots bruh. If Mike Dunleavy made himself a successful white player then you certainly can too.

Trail Blazers 94 – Mavericks 75

Recap: The Blazers 5th straight win was a big loss for the team. Wes Matthews ruptured his Achilles tendon in the 3rd quarter. “I make that same cut a hundreds of thousands of times in my life,” Matthews said. “I felt the initial pop. And you guys could probably tell on the replay. I looked back — it feels like someone’s kicked you. I was praying. I was praying someone was back there.” Feel better Wes. But the basketball must go on. Batum continued his little stretch of great games with 15 points, 12 rebounds, and 6 assists and LaMarcus did his usual double-double thing with 17 and 12 rebounds. Dallas just had a bad game all around and couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn.

Importance: Wes Matthews going down is huge. Wes has started every game for the Blazers this season. He’s a great defender that can knock down the open three which is something that every great team has. Offensively the Blazers should be fine with Afflalo coming in at the trade deadline but this really hurts. The win did push Portland 1 game ahead of the Rockets for the 3 seed. The loss for Dallas leaves them with a 1 ½ game lead over the Spurs for 7th and 5 ½ up over the Thunder for 8.

Pondering: Will the Wes Matthews injury finally open up the door for C.J. McCollum to be the next Dame Lillard? I’ve been waiting for him to break out but perhaps playing at a smaller college against weaker competition was the reason he looked so good back then?

Yo Dallas, are you really trying to win games with Richard Jefferson playing 33 minutes a night? I’m also thinking your roster is way to Knick-y right now with Felton, Amare, and Tyson. You are the weakest link in the Western Conference playoff picture.

If the current seeding holds up, this would be your 3-6 match-up. I think Portland would like that.

The Daily NBA Donut – 3/5

Knicks 82 – Pacers 105

Recap: Bargnani led the Knicks in scoring with 25 so that’s how you know they lost. Indiana jumped out to a 65 – 41 halftime lead and coasted from there. The Knicks have lost the last 2 games by a combined 61 points. George Hill had 21 and 6 assists and Rodney Stuckey chipped in 17 off the bench for the Pacers.

Importance: Miami and Charlotte, currently seeded at 7 and 8 both won last night, so this win kept the Pacers a half game back of number 8, a full game back of number 7, and a ½ game up on the 10th seeded Nets. It also kept them 1 ½ games up over Boston, who also had a win last night.

Pondering: The Knicks season is like that scene in The Patriot where Mel Gibson is just hacking and hacking at the body in the stream and everyone just wants him to stop because it’s disgusting and weird. I also just found out that George Hill has only played in 21 games this year. I haven’t paid attention to the Pacers much.

Suns 105 – Magic 100

Recap: Phoenix used a big 3rd quarter and Brandon Knight’s best game as a Sun (28 and 7 assists) to overcome Victor Oladipo’s huge night. Oladipo had 38 points, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds on an efficient 15-25 shooting. Eric Bledsoe also came close-ish to a triple-double at 13 points, 9 assists, and 7 rebounds.

Importance: The Suns remained 2 ½ games back of OKC for the 8th spot, and 1 ½ game back of New Orleans who is currently sitting in the 9th spot. Somehow, that 2 ½ games is looking tough to overcome with the way Russ Westbrook is playing right now.

Pondering: The Suns now have a Brandon Knight and a Brandon Wright. That’s a bar just waiting to happen. That’s what rappers say, right? Bars? The Suns might be a year away from the playoffs but that roster is looking primed for a few great seasons. It’s really a shame they don’t play in the East.

Jazz 84 – Celtics 85

Recap: I got to watch the end of this game and it was crazy. Gordon Hayward hit a shot to put the Jazz up one with 1.7 seconds left. On the last play, Marcus Smart lofted a pass to Tyler Zeller from half court and Zeller made a tough lay-up for the win. The Celtics were fairly balanced in this one but Isaiah Thomas continued his hot streak since joining the Celtics and put up 21 points and 7 assists.

Importance: The Celtics kept pace with 9Indiana, 8Charlotte, and 7Miami in the race for the bottom of the East. They gained a game on the 10th place Nets who lost to the Hornets. They are 2 games out of 8th and 2 ½ out of 7th. The Jazz have been playing great basketball lately and this one would’ve made it 4 in a row for Utah.

Pondering: I think that shooting the ball as the buzzer goes off is a skill. I understand that shooting with 2 or 3 seconds gives you an opportunity for a 2nd chance bucket but giving the other team that opportunity can kill you. Isaiah Thomas also looks fantastic in a Celtics uniform thus far. Maybe I am flip-flopping on Danny Ainge? I don’t know.

Hornets 115 – Nets 91

Recap: The Mo Williams renaissance tour continued, with Mo putting up 14 points and 14 assists in the win. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had a double-double (10 points and 13 rebounds) and the Hornets got their 3rd straight win. No one starred for the Nets in this one and Joe Johnson only had 2 points and 2 rebounds in 24 minutes.

Importance: The Hornets jumped into the 8th spot, which was previously occupied by Brooklyn. They are a ½ game up on Indiana, a full game up on the Nets, and a ½ game down of Miami for that 8th spot.

Pondering: The Hornets started the season off at 6-19. Since then they are a respectable 20-14 and winners of 4 of the last 5. Plus, Kemba is coming back. Also, can someone tell Brook Lopez that he’s 7 feet tall and that he should be grabbing a fricken’ rebound. No one cares that he can score like a goof ball. Joe Johnson, what was that?

Cavs 120 – Raptors 112

Recap: I know that ESPN is on LBJ’s D all of the time but he really is extraordinary. He had 29 points, 14 assists, and 6 rebounds and it was just a ho-hum night for him. Kyrie also chipped in 26 points and 8 assists and the Cavs beat the Raptors, who were without Kyle Lowry for a 3rd straight game. Lou Williams had a nice game with 26 points and 6 assists and Vasquez would’ve been a nice cheap draft kings play with 13 assists.

Importance: Top-of-the-east late season bragging rights. Toronto, Cleveland, and Chicago are all tied up in the standings but Toronto has a strangle hold on the Atlantic division and will either be the 2 or 3 seed in the playoffs. Cleveland would love to move ahead of the Bulls and grab the 2 seed and home court for a bigger chunk of the playoffs.

Pondering: Even though the Raptors have been good all season, I’m not sold. I think I’m a sucker for the big names because I feel the same way about the Hawks. I’m really hoping they prove me wrong because I would prefer a Hawks-Raptors playoff series over anything else the east has going on.

Grizzlies 102 – Rockets 100

Recap: Marc Gasol got the ball on the final play and hit an awkward little game winner in the lane. Those European big men can really play the game though. Z-bo came back and had 15 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists and Marc put in 21 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists to go with his game winner. Harden came back from his ball-kicking suspension and had 18 points and 13 rebounds and Terrence Jones had 21 points and 9 rebounds in the loss.

Importance: West Coast seeding implications. As I’ve said before, there really are no good seeds to be in the West. The win gave Memphis a 2 ½ game lead over the Rockets and left Houston tied in 3rd with Portland. Right now, Memphis would get the Spurs in the first and Houston would get the Clippers. Poor West Coast teams.

Pondering: When your Center and PF combine for 12 assists, you’re in good shape. The Grizzlies had 27 team assists and are looking like a legitimate contender this year. As for the Rockets, is Pablo Prigioni falling out of the rotation? Say it ain’t so – Weezer

Nuggets 100 – Timberwolves 85

Recap: The Nuggets kept up their post-Shaw hot streak, with Kenneth Faried putting up 18 points and 14 rebounds. The Rooster (Gallinari) had another solid game with 16 points and seems to be returning back to his pre-ACL tear form. Wiggins had a few highlight reel dunks and went for 20 points and Ricky had a double-double with 10 and 10 assists.

Importance: None whatsoever.

Pondering: Kevin Garnett was spitting acid in the game and s-ing all over the Nuggets and how they quit on Brian Shaw. It is interesting to see how well they are playing now that he’s gone. It’s easy to point fingers at their maturity level but Brian Shaw might have really been terrible to work with. They would know the best.

Pistons 85 – Pelicans 88

Recap: The Brow was a beast in this one. He had 39 points, 13 rebounds, and 8 blocks to go along with multiple clutch jumpers in the 4th. Tyreke continues to play well and had 21 points and 9 assists in the win. Reggie Jackson also had another solid outing for the Pistons in the loss and posted 14 points and 11 assists and Drummond was a beast on the boards with 18.

Importance: With 4 straight losses, the Pistons playoff chances are fading away like a Josh Smith jumper. Like the jumper, they still have a chance to get in but the percentage isn’t looking so good as they fell 4 ½ games back of the 8th spot. The Pelicans are hanging around that 8th spot in the West and remained 1 win back of OKC for the final spot. With the way that Russell is playing, that 1 game feels like a lot more.

Pondering: I haven’t had the chance to watch Anthony Davis much so I was pumped I had the opportunity to see him last night. He is a superstar. So good. I do wish that he would get rid of that ugly caterpillar of an eyebrow though. He looks like a Hey Arnold! Character. Eric Gordon kind of screwed me in Draft Kings too so I’m not pumped on him right now.

76ers 118 – Thunder 123

Recap: Russell Westbrook isn’t human right now. He had his fourth straight triple-double and a fricken monster one. He went for 49 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists. So fast and so fun to watch. The 76ers are actually a fun-ish team to watch. Isaiah Canaan played great and had 31 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists and Mbah a Moute had a big double-double with 18 points and 14 rebounds. The 76ers kept hanging around and nearly pulled this one out.

Importance: OKC stayed a game up on the Pelicans for the 8th seed in the West. It’s hard to believe that they are fighting for their playoff life with the way that Russ has been playing. This was also a great loss for the 76ers who are always playing for draft pick. You might as well make it exciting if you’re going to lose!

Pondering: I saw on ESPN that Michael Jordan had 7 straight triple-doubles in 1988. 1) That was a long time ago and 2) man, he was so good. As far as Russ, count me as one of the ones that is a bit surprised at HOW good he has become and give him credit for knowing it all along and not conforming to the media’s view of him. I’m tuning in next game to see him get 5!

Lakers 94 – Heat 100

Recap: As you may know, I am a huge Jeremy Lin apologist. J-Lin continued his solid stretch of games and had 12 points and 9 assists and only 1 turnover in the loss. Not a great shooting night but it’s nice to see him get some confidence back again. Hassan Whiteside was a loony-tune on the boards and had 25 on the night to complement his 18 points. D-Wade had 25 and 6 assists and Dragic both had 21 with 6 assists.

Importance: The Heat held the 7th seed and remain a ½ game up on number 8 Charlotte and a full game up on Indiana in the 9th spot.

Pondering: Hassan Whiteside needs to give Brook Lopez a Hakeem-like course on rebounding this summer. Who saw this guy coming? Not me. ESPN has decided that they need a new squeeze in Miami though because they are non-stop Hassan Whitesiding all over the place now. There is a part of me that wants a Cleveland – Miami first round series but the other part of me knows that it will be a sportscenter slurpfest if that happens and no one wants that.

Kings 85 – Spurs 112

Recap: Kawhi, TP, and Danny Green led the balanced Spurs attack for the big win. Nothing too flashy from anyone stat-wise and that is how the Spurs roll. Same goes for the Kings but that’s not how they win. Honestly, it is a very boring box score.

Importance: The Spurs are the 7th seed and 4 ½ up on the 9th seeded Pelicans in the West. Somehow 4 ½ seems extraordinarily safe in the hands of San Antonio.

Pondering: Even as the defending champs, the Spurs are flying under the radar again. No one would be shocked to seem them lift the trophy again in June. Huh, June sounds very far away with the way the snow is falling outside of my window right now. PS. I have a snow day! Hooray!

Bucks 93 – Warriors 102

Recap: Draymond Green was the best Warrior last night and posted 23 points and 12 rebounds. The splash brothas had a relatively poor shooting night, combining for 11 – 32, but the dubs still got the dub. Michael Carter-Williams had a decent stat night, with 16 points and 7 assists but only shot 5 of 14.

Importance: The Warriors stayed 4 ½ games up on Memphis for the number 1 seed in the West. That thing would be nice for them to have with the way the fans behave come playoff time in the bay area. The Bucks are still 4 ½ games up on the Heat for the 6th seed in the west so not a huge loss.

Pondering: Oh man, the Bucks are a playoff team? It hasn’t been pretty since they got rid of Brandon Knight. In fact, they’ve lost 6 of 7 games. It’s easy to point fingers at Michael Carter-Williams so I’m going to do that. Come on, Michael.

Blazers 98 – Clippers 93

Recap: Batum has had a down year but had a really nice game with 20 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds. LaMarcus had 29 points and 9 rebounds, and Dame Lillard only had 5 points but pulled down an impressive 18 rebounds. CP3 had a crazy night with 36 points and 12 assists and DeAndre pulled down 19 boards in the loss.

Importance: Western Conference seeding. Portland gained a 1 ½ game lead on the Clippers with the win and sit in the 3rd spot, slated to play Dallas in round 1. The Clippers moved to 5 and no home court advantage against Houston.

Pondering: I don’t know why I feel that Dallas is the weakling in the West but I do. I also haven’t watched them much so I might be crazy. Man, 13 games was a lot to recap!

Time to let the coffee do its work. I’ll be in my office if anyone needs me.

The Daily NBA Donut – 3/4/15

Lakers 103 – Hornets 104

Recap: I would love “Linsanity – The Sequel” more than anyone. Well, we’re kind of getting it in the last six games, where Lin has averaged 18 points, 3.3 rebounds, 5.5 assists, and 1.3 steals according to ESPN. In this one, he went for 23 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, a block, and 2 steals in 30 minutes. But oh yeah, the Lakers lost again. Big Al did the big Al thing and dropped 21 points with 16 boards and the Mo Fricken Williams renaissance show continued as he went off with 20 points and 12 assists, which is more assists than he had in Cleveland (fact). Mo is averaging 22.8 points and 8 assists since joining the Hornets.

Importance: The Hornets moved into a tie with Brooklyn for the 8th playoff spot and a .5 game back of Miami for 7th.

Pondering: If Mo continues to play this well, would it be crazy to bring Kemba in as the 6th man when he comes back from injury later this month? He has impressed in the NBA but I still get the feeling that he would be the next Jamal Crawford in that 6th man role. Also, did you know Mo is only 32? Oh yeah, and someone needs to wake up Lance Stephenson…try blowing in his ear hole.

Celtics 79 – Cavaliers 110

Recap: The Celtics got blown the ____ out. Turn on ESPN, I’m sure they’re playing endless clips of Delly to Lebron assists.

Importance: Lebron ego building.

Pondering: My dad (Danno) is a Celtics apologist and LOVES what Danny Ainge is doing. I’m not so sold. They’re trotting out Evan Turner, Brandon Bass, Tyler Zeller, Avery Bradley, and Marcus Smart 2 years after starting a rebuild. That line-up is terrible.

Kings 124 – Knicks 86

Recap: The Knicks got beat by 38 points at home by the West Coast Knicks. LOL. The Kings were pretty balanced with 3 people reaching 20+ (Rudy, Boogie, McLemore) and my boy Stauskas dropped 15 on 8 shots. Langston Galloway, the Knicks awesome pick-up from the D-league had a -40 +/-. Great work!

Importance: A good hearty laugh.

Pondering: I’d still rather be a Celtics fan than a Knicks fan. Ay caramba!

Rockets 96 – Hawks 104

Recap: The Hawks continued their Hawkiness and put 5 players in double figures en route to a W over the Rockets at home. Pauly Millsap went for 16 and 14 and German 2nd year player Dennis Schroder went for 16 and 9 assists off the bench. Harden was out for that Lebron nut shot kick but it was still a good win for the Hawks.

Importance: Meh, not too much with Harden sitting down. With a 10 game lead over 2nd place in the East, the Hawks don’t have any must-wins right now. I’d also say that seeding in the Western conference is pretty much irrelevant right now so not a big loss for the Rockets.

Pondering: I still can’t believe the Hawks are so good. I was definitely a hater pre-season. I would love to see them win a title because of all the years of mediocrity the fans have had to go through.

Bulls 97 – Wizards 92

Recap: Aaron Brooks had 22 points and 8 assists and is holding down the fort until Rose and Butler come back. Jo had 14 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks, and 2 steals and baited Nene into a technical in the 4th when the Wizards were right in the game. John Wall had 21 points and 11 assists but couldn’t will the Wizards into a win.

Importance: This will likely be the 4-5 match-up in the East. This pissing contest was important in keeping the Wizards confidence low. It’s also a testament to how the Bulls find a way to win no matter who is injured.

Pondering: Come on, Wizards! Pull your S together. You have the talent to make a run and you’re pulling a Washington. #SoWizards

Jazz 93 – Grizzlies 82

Recap: Derrick Favors and White Boy (Hayward) had 21 points and Rudy Gobert (Gob Gob) had 15 points with 24 rebounds. The Grizz were without a sick Z-bo and a suspended Tony Allen (“Violating team policy”) for this one.

Importance: The young Jazz team has won 6 of 8 of their last games. They need to cool it down though because they still need a good draft pick. Memphis is currently 2nd in the West and slotted to play the Spurs in round 1, which sucks. But if you move up you play OKC or if you move down you play Dallas. Must suck to be in the West.

Pondering: According to @ArnaudGelb, Gob Gob means something like ‘to grab’ in French. We can’t avoid this Rudy Gobert nickname when he is grabbing 24 rebounds yo! Rudy Gobert = #GobGob.

Bucks 95 – Nuggets 106

Recap: Don’t look now but Danilo Gallinari is coming back to life! The Rooster had 26 points and 7 rebounds and Kenneth Faried had 14 and 14 and the post-Shaw Nuggets won a game (6 weeks!). Tybaby Lawson had 16 and 10 and the Nuggets were a real team again. The Bucks were led by Giannis in the loss, who had 19 and 11 rebounds. MCW struggled a bit again too.

Importance: The Bucks are in the unenviable place of being good enough for the playoffs but too good for another good draft pick. They could use another good one for their future. They are only a game and a half back of the Wiz for the 5 seed right now but are a completely different team after swapping Brandon Knight for Michael Carter-Williams.

Pondering: Still wondering why the Bucks did that trade. It’s also interesting to see the Nuggets players play well after their temper-tantrums got Brian Shaw fired.

#USMNT Twitter Handles

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann:  @J_Klinsmann

Jozy Altidore@JozyAltidore F 11/6/89 Boca Raton, Fla. Sunderland (England)
DaMarcus Beasley@DaMarcusBeasley D 5/24/82 Ft. Wayne, Ind. Puebla (Mexico)
Kyle Beckerman@KyleBeckerman M 4/23/82 Crofton, Md. Real Salt Lake
Alejandro Bedoya@AleBedoya17 M 4/29/87 Weston, Fla. Nantes (France)
Matt Besler@mbesler D 2/11/87 Overland Park, Kan. Sporting Kansas City
Michael Bradley M 7/31/87 Manhattan Beach, Calif. Toronto FC
John Brooks@j_brooks25 D 1/28/93 Berlin, Germany Hertha Berlin (Germany)
Geoff Cameron@GeoffCameron D 7/11/85 Attleboro, Mass. Stoke City (England)
Timothy Chandler D 3/29/90 Frankfurt, Germany Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)
Brad Davis@Brad_Davis11 M 11/8/81 St. Charles, Mo. Houston Dynamo
Clint Dempsey@clint_dempsey F 3/9/83 Nacogdoches, Texas Seattle Sounders FC
Mix Diskerud@MixDiskerud M 10/2/90 Oslo, Norway Rosenborg (Norway)
Omar Gonzalez@Omar4Gonzalez D 10/11/88 Dallas, Texas LA Galaxy
Julian Green M 6/6/95 Tampa, Fla. Bayern Munich (Germany)
Brad Guzan GK 9/9/84 Homer Glen, Ill. Aston Villa (England)
Tim Howard@TimHowardGK GK 3/6/79 North Brunswick, N.J. Everton (England)
Aron Johannsson@aronjo20 F 11/10/90 Mobile, Ala. AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands)
Fabian Johnson@FabianJohnson23 D 12/11/87 Munich, Germany Borussia Moenchengladbach (Germany)
Jermaine Jones@Jermainejunior M 11/3/81 Chicago, Ill. Besiktas (Turkey)
Nick Rimando@NickRimando GK 6/17/79 Montclair, Calif. Real Salt Lake
Chris Wondolowski@ChrisWondo F 1/28/83 Danville, Calif. San Jose Earthquakes
DeAndre Yedlin@yedlinny D 7/9/93 Seattle, Wash. Seattle Sounders FC
Graham Zusi@gzusi M 8/18/86 Longwood, Fla. Sporting Kansas City

Tracy McGrady with Greatest Comeback Ever

It’s sad to see great players fizzle out towards the end of their careers.  People forget just how good they were in their prime and quickly write them off to move onto the players of the next generation.  I don’t think T-Mac will be a hall-of-famer, but he was pretty fricken good in his prime.

This video is incredible.  Is it the greatest comeback that you’ve ever seen?  It has to be up there with that Reggie Miller against the Knicks dagger.